tuesday - thursday

11:30pm 'till 2pm then 4pm 'till 8pm

friday 11:30pm 'Till 8pm

saturday 11:30pm 'Till 7pm 

The perfect chip starts with great potatoes. We work year round with our potato suppliers to source the best potatoes from different farms around the country to ensure we fry and serve the best chips possible all year.


We use a fat cut chip to provide a fluffier inside and a healthy lower fat product. Perfect with a sprinkle of salt and vinegar!  

We are a good catch, putting sustainable fish at the top of our menu. All of our Cod and Haddock are caught in the North sea from stocks which are fully sustainable according to the Marine Conservation Society. Sustainably source fish is the only way forward!  


Our fish are battered to be light and crisp, a crunch that unveils the beautiful fish inside.